Mercredi 15 septembre 2010

From European trip to end the crisis management,

From European trip to end the crisis management, because the ling xianghas been studying done rather well, he's satisfied, give a report in television. Entertainment companies have been here in the name of affiliated stations in Taiwan is the supervisor is a literary tube.
Nowadays the institutions are the inheritance of failing to get on the right-hand control several cronies who. Capable of nature is ShouDeXia who originally drew within the unit radishes.

Don't SongQian are originally evening and the TV. SongQian is in Taiwan, when a director with his evening, mo is real NiTuiZi background.
After she had not really without. The orchestra was once again, she put her catty introduce often in "red wine

 - step" QinQin host.
Don't do QinQin evening since the assistant, and has done ChangJi, JuWu, director's assistant. The work is mostly some odd jobs, but her modesty and diligent.
From television out organization in the entertainment company, the orchestra has recommended in evening mo.
She said: "the evening for the preparation of course is a formal

Par gogo500go - 9 commentaire(s)le 15 septembre 2010

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